Pre posed female 3D model in casual attire wearing a hat, pants, high heels, suede jacket, scarf and purple leather bag holding sunglasses. Walking and shopping pose. Sunglasses are a separate object.

Package includes:

Human Alloy Premium Models

Our Premium Models are our stars. We treat them as such. They are given extra attention in every department.

They come in 6 resolutions so you can use them at every distance you want.

We digitally grown realistic hair for them. Every surface has its own Shader and we give them every Accessoires they need.

And much more. Just have a look below.

If your illustration needs a star and if you can handle them these are the models for you.


3Ds Max 2014 + Vray (Complex shader)

Wavefront .OBJ (Simple shader)

Autodesk .FBX (Simple shader)


6 mesh Resolutions: 40K Polygons to ~20M Polygons

High resolution 3D hair (around 700K polygons)

Low resolution 3D hair (around 20K polygons)


8K Diffuse Texture

Up to 10 different masks (for recoloring your model’s clothing for example)

Up to 10 separate shaders. Every surface of the model has realistic shaders to make them react to light as they should including an SSS shader for skin.

5 of the 6 mesh resolutions come with their own normal map to bridge the loss of detail of each mesh. So even the lowest resolution mesh looks almost as good as the highest but at a fraction of the RAM needed.

UV Unwrapped


All Accessoires shown are included.

Sold per item

Corona test model included
As part of the tutorial on how to convert our vray models to Corona renderer we’ve included a corona version. However as of yet this is the only model converted into Corona at this moment! Until we’ve converted all our paid models this is something you need to do your self!


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