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Looking for affordable high quality 3D People?

At Human Alloy we strive every day to make you the highest quality 3D people that are extremely easy to use. It’s our goal to make your life as a 3D artist as easy as possible. We are convinced our 3D people are the best value product for sale worldwide at the moment, here are 10 reasons why our models save you time and money:

1Our 3D models are extremely detailed. We’ve put in extra effort so you do not have to

With our 3D people you do not longer need to find a spot in the distance to make them look acceptable. Use our model in a close up without any hesitation. We’ve put in the extra effort to make them extremely detailed. This can be seen in both mesh and the 8k textures we deliver.

Our 3D people hold up in any situation you want to use them!

The 6 resolutions included in the download when ordering one 3D model2. With every purchase you receive 6 resolutions of each model. For that high-resolution close-up or that more distant low-poly model

With our 3D people you can easily choose the resolution that makes sense for your scene without making it unnecessarily heavy to render. Even our lowest poly model included has realistic hair, just with less polygons.

Also the lower resolution models include normal maps so they are almost indistinguishable from the high resolution versions.

However if you want use the original working model of ~20 million polygons, you can. We’ve included it in the package. Just an extra feature to give you maximum artistic freedom while working! Models range from ~40K to ~20 million polygons.

Completely customize your model using the masks on every material on the model

3 Variations of the same model

3. Every material on the model comes with a mask so you can customize your models color and shader at the push of a button

Skin, pants, shirt, shoes, nails, eyes, teeth and even buttons, zippers & more, all have hand painted masks allowing you to easily adjust its shader or color providing you maximum of convenience and creative freedom.

Our included shader stack is easily readable and allows you to make changes in seconds allowing you, for example, to make colour variations of the same model.

This way you can customize your model to best fit the style of your scene or re-use a model multiple times in one image without visual repetition.

Our models come with all attributes included as shown in the presentation4. All attributes shown in our presentations are included in the package!

Although you are free to use your own props and attributes sometimes you are in a hurry and maybe less specific what bicycle, chair, table or coffee cup your 3D model is using. For those moments you do not need to search for these props elsewhere as they are all included in the download!

You’re welcome 😊

Drag, drop, render! High quality & easy to use5. Shader are set correctly for 3D max in combination with Vray and more combinations will soon follow!

We’ve made sure the materials need minimal adjusting on your end. Especially when you are using the industry’s standard Gamma 2.2 workflow you can just merge the models in you 3Ds max + Vray scene and hit render! Although we are working hard to support other 3D applications.

We really want to do it right and that takes a while. To not leave our 3D colleagues using other applications completely out in the mean time we’ve included .OBJ and .FBX files.

These formats are pretty universal but functionally challenging, so we are unable to set all the shaders as we like and they need a little love from your side to make them shine!

Realistic 3D people need realistic hair6. Hair-tastic!

Realistic 3D people need realistic hair and there is only one way to achieve that: actually model it by hand from scratch! HumanAlloy is the only company taking that effort for you.

Armed with photo references made during the 3D scan session our talented artists re-create the models hairdo. While they are at it they even make a low and high polygon version for you. ~600k poly for the high and ~15K the low to be precise.

Your renderfarm will thank us 😊 Now you do not need to hide you 3D people behind a plant in your scene any longer! Set them free and even closeup if you want.

All our 3D characters are professional models7. We use a model agency, professional styling and make up to create our 3D characters

We assure high quality in every step of the production of our models. It all starts with a perfect base.

That is why we only use professionals in our model shoots. Thanks to our collaboration with our model agency, our professional styling and make-up artists we guarantee models that look great and have natural poses.

When using our 3D people for commercial purposes we want your clients to be wowed by the quality you provide them with our 3D people! We know you don’t settle for less, so we certainly won’t either!

8. We show real people in everyday life situations.

Our goal is to provide real life models. So our poses and people are natural and as realistic as possible. They are especially chosen to create dynamic, naturally looking visualizations with multi-use.

But worry not, we understand you might be looking for specifics sometimes, so do you maybe need a model playing golf, riding a bike or practicing yoga, look no further: we have those too!

We do all our scanning ourselves in one of the biggest 3D scanners in the world9. Made with ♥ by artists for artists

We work with a team of renowned artists who know by first hand experience how you want to use the models and try to create a piece of art every time they work on a model.

Together with our own 3D scanner we keep on perfecting our workflow to create the best 3D people possible and are very passionate about providing you with a model that saves you time and a lot of frustration!

Even if you’re in need of custom models we can quickly create them for you. Contact us at: human@humanalloy.com

! We offer one model for free for you to try. Download your free model here10. Try one of our 3D people for free!

Convince yourself! We offer one 3D person for free for you to try. Download your free model here. We’d love to hear what you think of our 3D people.

If you have any comment you’d like to share please contact us at human@humanalloy.com or through Facebook.
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