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Do you need a causal-style 3D model for your project? Take a look at our 3D human Skander checking his phone.

First, check our 3D model description:

Pre posed male 3D human in Business casual attire wearing a sweater, tie, leather shoes and trousers in a leaning pose. The stool is a separate object, and it is included in the package.

The package includes:

  • Model ready for 3ds Max 2015 with Vray 3.4
  • Obj files for import in other software packages
  • 5 mesh resolutions. From ~1 million poly’s to ~25 million poly’s
  • Normalmaps for each mesh resolution to get all the details of the highest resolution in even the lowest resolution mesh
  • Our 3D artists grow digital hair for our models
  • 8192 pixels x 8192 pixel textures and masks
  • Masks for each material on the model (skin, clothing, etc)
  • Makes easy color variations possible Example
  • Custom created shaders for each surface on the model.

Check Bertrand Benoit‘s creation using Skander Premium 3D model. Take a look at this “Chillin’ in the loft” project in our examples section.

Interested in buying several products? We offer different 3D human packages, or you can just create the most suitable combination for yourself. Also, don’t forget to take a look at our pricing section to get the best deal!

Combine this 3D model with other Premium models, or with our Basics Packages to populate your scene. Don’t feel like using him in this exact pose? Find this 3D human in our #RiggedNReady section, and pose him as you wish.

Our Premium models are designed to be the stars of your visualization. You may wonder: why? Well, that’s because our 3D artists grow realistic digital hair for them -among others-, so you can use them even in the foreground of your piece. Want to know more about how this is done? Check our tutorial on “How to hair“.

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You can always contact us with further questions via human@humanalloy.com. Enjoy!



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