Rigged N’ Skinned European male 3D model in casual attire.

Package includes:

Human Alloy Rigged Models
Want moving characters in your animation? Our Rigged N’ Skinned models are what you need. They come in 2 mesh resolutions: ~40K poly’s to ~70K poly’s with both a high as a low resolution hairdo.
For 3ds max a biped and CAT rigged version is included and for all other packages a .FBX file is available.


  • 3Ds Max 2014 Vray (Complex shader)
  • 3Ds Max CAT Rig
  • 3Ds Max Biped Rig
  • Autodesk .FBX with bones (Simple shader)
  • Autodesk .FBX with bones (Simple shader)

  • 2 mesh Resolutions: 40K & 70K Polygons.
  • High resolution 3D hair (around 700K polygons)
  • Low resolution 3D hair (around 20K polygons)

  • 8K Diffuse Texture
  • Up to 10 different masks (for recoloring your model’s clothing for example)
  • Up to 10 separate shaders. Every surface of the model has realistic shaders to make them react to light as they
    should including an SSS shader for skin.
  • Normal maps So even the lowest resolution mesh looks almost as good as the highest but at a fraction of the RAM needed.
  • UV Unwrapped

  • All Accessoires shown are included.
  • Sold per item

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