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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Discounts

Until Monday the 27th Human Alloy is offering an additional 20% discount on all our products, even on products with existing discounts listed below! This can save you up to 50% when buying 30+ products or our package deals.

Pricing and Discount


We tried to keep our discount program as easy as possible: buy more models and you’ll receive more discount.
Just add your models to your cart and the discount will be calculated at checkout.

* Buy our full library once and you’ll receive a lifetime discount of 30% every time you purchase at least 10 more models in the future.

10% Discount when you buy 10+ models 

20% Discount when you buy 20+ models 

30% Discount when you buy 30+ models 

Lifetime 30% discount when you buy our full library *

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  • 50% discount on 30 items or more and our FULL library
  • 40% discount on 20 items or more
  • 30% discount on 10 items or more
  • 20% discount on all single products