3D people shopping for virtual clothing

Although our models work really well from up close we also wanted to show how they will work from further away. Human Alloy models come in 5 (and soon 6) different resolutions. The highest resolution we call “insanely high” and can often be around 17 million polygons. Those are only meant for up close.
The other 4 resolutions you can use at different distances. The the lowest resolution model is around 700k poly’s. The body is ~60k and the rest is hair. and this varies quite a bit for long and short hair. Soon we will add an “insanely low” version with ‘bloppy hair’ for those people far far away and they weigh in around 30k total.

The trick is to select the right resolution for the distance. And also a good habit is to convert the models to vray proxy’s. And soon we will also do this for you to save you even more time. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates!