Interview – Tomek Michalski

    Name: Tomek Michalski Nationality: Polish Age: 26 Years of professional experience: 9 Started with Photoshop version: CS4 Portfolio: Current Position: CEO Tomek Michalski is a true upcoming talent. With great passion and a ‘love for good design’ he works on his architectural visualizations. He made his entrance in 2015 with his visualization of a secluded cabin in the forest

Interview – Talcik & Demovicova

  Name: Juraj Talcik Location: Bratislava, Slovakia Age: 28 Agency founded in the year: 2013 Specialized in: Visualization and Interior design Website:   We’re excited we were able to interview 3D artist Juraj Talcik this month. In the interview Juraj shares with us the beginning of the agency Talcik&Demovicova he runs together with his life partner Veronika. They both have

Name: Kevin Beckers Nationality: Dutch Age: 35 Years of professional experience: 10 Started with Photoshop version: I have no idea, it’s been such a long time. Portfolio:  Current Position: Senior character artist at Human Alloy   Meet our very own Kevin Beckers: senior character artist at Human Alloy. The man co-responsible for our models amazing hairdos! Kevin started his career as a

Name: Johannes Lindqvist Nationality: Swedish Age: 28 Years of professional experience: 10 Started with Photoshop version: Who keeps track? Portfolio: / Current Position: Entering a new era   ​​This month’s interview is with: Johannes Lindqvist. This 3D artist from Sweden has been working in the field of 3D design for ten years. He started his career at IKEA and is now entering

At Human Alloy we strive to bring you the most realistic 3D people models out there. Struggeling with the existing 3D human models in 2008 while working on a lot of architectural visualizations, Tristan Bethe (3D artist & co-founder of Human Alloy) decided it was time for a better product. He created a 3D human model

Name: Mike Golden Nationality: U.S.A. Age: 34 Started with Photoshop version: CS4 Portfolio: Current Position: Founder – Three Marks   Next in line for our interviews: Mike Golden. Known for his serene,  hyper- realistic 3D architectural scenes and great eye for detail & composition, we’re very proud to have him in our interview series. His work shows what a great

Name: Tristan Bethe Nationality: Dutch Age: 40 Years of professional experience: 20 Started with Photoshop version: 3.0 Portfolio: Current Position: Co-founder & Creative Director of Human Alloy   First in line in a series of interviews with interesting and renowned 3D artists is our own Tristan Bethe. Co-founder and Creative Director of Th3rd and Human Alloy with a respectable 20

Looking for affordable high quality 3D people models? At Human Alloy we strive every day to make you the highest quality 3D people that are extremely easy to use. It’s our goal to make your life as a 3D artist as easy as possible. We are convinced our 3D humans are the best value product for sale

If you are a Corona renderer user and you tried converting one of our 3D models with Martin Geupel’s excellent Corona Converter (it comes with Corona by default) you might have noticed almost everything converts very well except the skin and the hair. We want to support Corona right out of the box when you buy one of our