Our tag line is Drag. Drop. Render. And we chose this for a good reason...

Our goal is to make your life as easy as possible with our 3D people.
We do not want to include file formats just to tick off some boxes on a spec sheet.  When we support a new 3D application or render engine the model should look awesome out of the box.
Although we sweat the details we cannot do this alone. We need your help. When something does not make your life easier, if you have suggestion, complaints (and maybe even compliments?) Feel free to let us know! And with ‘us’ I mean:
Tristan Bethe (Lead artist and founder),
Kevin Beckers (Senior artist and master of hairdo’s),
Rudo Bisschop (Founder and person to talk to if you do not want to speak to an artist)


Human Alloy was started by us. Tristan Bethe and Rudo Bisschop, Hi! When you reach out to us there is a good chance it is one of us that will help you. Tristan is in charge of everything art related and Rudo everything marketing & financial. Both of us want to create the best drag-drop-render experience possible for you so do not hesitate to send us a notetweet, facebook chat (TristanRudo) we love to hear from you!


We are incredibly proud of our 3D scan studio, one of the biggest ones in Europe! Owning you own studio allows us to be very flexible with regards to the kinds of models/poses/outfit you want to see next! Feel free to send us some references! We do shoots every couple of weeks! Want custom scans? Everything is possible, just drop us a note


Technology although an important start is useless without our talented artists (like Kevin, Tycane3D, Beckers in the photo above). We are even more proud to work with some of the best in the industry. The same goes for the model agency, stylist and makeup artist we work with. Every step in our workflow we ask ourselves: what could we do to make this even better. We realize this is a journey, not a destination and we need your help along the way. Have a good idea, criticism or even a compliment? Let us know!


Having all this expertise and experience it would be a shame to keep it all for ourselves..

What can we do for you? Need 3D people for your project? Want to direct a shoot? Let us know what you want and we will gather the troops to make it happen. Did you know Human Alloy is but one project created by th3rd.nl? We create 3D assets of all types and for all kinds of clients. So even if you do not need humans but rocks? Not a problem, we apply the same eye for details for those as well. Lets discuss what project you have on you mind and drop us an email!


Notification: Humanalloy.com will move to cgtrader.com november 1st. Please download and archive/backup your purchases before this date.