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  • Interview 3D artist Tristan Bethe

    Interview with 3D artist Tristan Bethe

    First in line in a series of interviews with interesting and renowned 3D artists is our own Tristan Bethe. Co-founder and Creative Director of Th3rd and Human Alloy

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  • 10 reasons why our 3D people models are high quality and affordable

    We are convinced our 3D models are the best value product for sale worldwide at the moment, here are 10 reasons why our models save you time and money

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  • Converting Vray to Corona including Skin and Hair

    If you are a Corona renderer user and you tried converting one of our 3D models with Martin Geupel’s excellent Corona Converter (it comes with Corona by default) you might have noticed…

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  • The New Year is coming!

    2016: What a year! 2016 is a year most will not easily forget and we are no different… We launched halfway through the year with a dream start!…

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  • aside

    Like My Ride?

    We’ve made a short animation with one of our 3D people.

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  • D2 Vienna conference 2016

    Will you be going as well? Would love to talk to you about your work, the market and how we can help bring a human touch within architectural visualizations!

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  • New Models Online and Summersale!

    First of all, our biggest respect to all of you for giving us such a warm welcome after our launch!

    Our free model (which can be found here) was downloaded more times than we can count, and we already doubled our likes on facebook.. much love to all of you!

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  • Where have you been?

    Back in 2014 we’ve started building a huge scanner especially to scan 3D people. Why all the camera’s? People have the unfortunate habit of not being able to stand still!

    All other 3D scanners (and we tried a few) involves the person standing still for anything between 30 seconds and 15 minutes.

    You lose so much spontaneity in your captures, that’s just not acceptable because it shows in the final output, the models that end up in your visualizations!

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