00051_Linda006 Update

00051_Linda006 Update
October 12, 2016 Tristan Bethe

Thank you http://belly.be for noticing and reporting a few things wrong with the 00051_Linda006 model.

  • Some models had an UVW-Xform that needed collapsing
  • Some models did not have the UVW-Xform applied and textures appeared upside down
  • Fixed the normal issue descibed here: http://humanalloy.com/2016/10/12/thats-not-normal/
  • few minor points

Must have been an especially hard Monday morning when we did this one! You can now re-download the model in your account on the site. If you hit your download limit shoot us an email.

If you find anything out of order with our model do let us know. We are but fallible vessels for the perfection of the universe 🙂



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