00040_Esmee004 Adjustments

00040_Esmee004 Adjustments
July 15, 2016 Tristan Bethe

As Andy Lee rightfully mentioned 00040_Esmee004’s hair was way to shiny. It worked well in the studio we use for our renders however sometimes material react completely different when used in the wild. I’ve taken the time to fix the hair:


Basically all I’ve done is lower the amount of effectiveness (less intense) but mainly lowered the gloss value from 0.85 to ~o.53. The hair shader has 4 different shaders and each has a bit of variation in its settings.


While doing an outside test render I noticed the jacket had a very high gloss value making it almost a raincoat. Fixed that in the process.
You should be able to go into your account and re download the model to get the latest one.

Thanks for the feedback!



(Here what she looks like now)

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