FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Can I test your 3D models for free?

We have three 3D models available for free: one per category. You can find a free test model for our Basics, Premium, and #Riggedandready 3D models here.

What are Human Alloy payment methods?

You can pay via Credit Card, Paypal, or direct bank transfer. If you opt for direct bank transfer option, take a look at the next question for more info.

I just paid for my 3D models via direct bank transfer. How do I get my products?

With a direct bank transfer you only reserve the order. Your order will stay on hold until you have transferred the funds through your own bank. Once the funds have been cleared on our account we will release the order for you to download. Depending on the country you live, direct bank transfers can take a 2 to 5 working days to get cleared on our account.

Do you need the models urgently? We can help. Please contact us at human@humanalloy.com

Do you offer any bulk discounts?

Yes, we do. All packages shown here have a bulk discount factored in the price. You can also get a bulk discount by choosing your own model. Just add the models you like to your cart. At checkout the discount is automatically calculated depending on the amount of models you choose. These are our bulk discounts:

Buy 10+ models, get 10% off.

Buy 20+ models, get 20% off.

Buy 30+ models, get 30% off.

Buy our Full Library, get 30% off + 30% lifetime discount in all your future purchases.

Do you accept custom 3D model requests?

Just like we create our Human Alloy models, we can create one (or several) custom models for you. The price of these models varies depending on several factors. For more information on this, please send an email with your detailed request to human@humanalloy.com.

What type of rig is included in your #Riggedandready models?

Our rigged models include a full body rig. The facial rig is not included. You can download a free rigged model here and try the quality yourself.

Can I create custom packages out of your Basics 3D models?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine 3D models from different Basics packages. Our Basics are sold in packages of 5 models, and grouped by poses, outfits, and themes.

Am I allowed to use Human Alloy 3D models for anything?

You may use our 3D models for research, professional or personal projects. You may access the models via a computer that is owned either by yourself, or by your company. You may create up to 3 copies of the mentioned 3D model. It is strictly forbidden to make use of Human Alloy models for pornographic or hate speech usage. Check out our license here.

Can I return my models?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to return Human Alloy models.

Our customers can check the product quality prior to purchasing our products here. Once a product has been purchased, the item cannot be returned.

Can you delete my data from Human Alloy servers?

Absolutely. Just send an email with your request to human@humanalloy.com and our team will make sure that all information is deleted from our site.

I cannot download your free models!

So sorry to hear this. Please contact us at human@humanalloy.com